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If you are planning to shoot a film, or have just wrapped shooting and are looking for a recording studio or mixing house to build your post production team, Sweet Spot Studios can help you.  We have experience with foley recording, sound effect design, audio restoration, mixing of soundtrack and score music, ADR, and everything you need to polish the audio recording  of your film to your satisfaction. 

Mix engineer and composer Massimo Filippini and his team brings years of experience with audio post production for film to Sweet Spot Studios.  Let us help you clean up the audio quality of your dialog, mix in your soundtrack, sound effects and score.
We have a measured, treated and balanced control/mix room, the Emmy Award winning iZotope RX and oZone software, a suite of Waves, iZotope, Digidesign and years of experience working with these tools to help us restore,  enhance and prepare your audio for presentation.

We also have built up a massive sound effects library of over 200.000 sound effects of every weapon, vehicle, fight sound, or 5.1 ambient you could possibly ever imagine.  You name it, we have it.  On top of that we have all the equipment to do Foley/field recordings to design any new custom effects to suit your needs.

A few questions which would allow us to scope your project timeline and cost are:

1) What format do you want your final audio in: stereo 2.1 or surround 5.1?

2) How long is, or will the final edit of your film be?


3) When will you have your picture lock (final edit)?


4) What is your deadline for the completed project?


5) Are there any significant audio problems that need to be fixed?


6) Will you be scheduling your actors to do ADR work in the studio, and how much?


7)How much Foley and sound effect design work will you need?


8)Do you have a score already, or composer lined up to write your music cues?

Please include the answers to these questions in an email to us, and we will get back to you with an estimated project timeline and projected cost for audio post production.  Contact Sweet Spot Studios.


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