award winning sound designer • re-recording mixer • music composer


Audio post-production  and music for feature films, documentary and tv.

Massimo Filippini is an Italian re-recording mixer , sound designer and

composer graduated in S.Cecilia Conservatory of Rome.

Partner of AITS (Associazione Italiana Tecnici del Suono) and Pro Tools Certified User.

           W O R K  I N  P R O G R E S S 

  • Sound design and mixing of the feature film "il buco in testa" by Antonio Capuano

  • Re-recording mix of the feature film "Abisso Nero" by Ronald

  • Sound design and mixing of the feature film " Il fronte interno" directed by Guido Acampa

  F I L M O G R A P H Y










 L u g


 M a r

 2 7

 N o v

1 5

Massimo Filippini (composer The Music Box, Bastardi, Taxi lovers, Roma Criminale, Almost Dead)


Video & Live Electronics (academy work in S.Cecilia conservatory of Rome) post produzione audio

M O V I E   P O S T E R






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